• Being that the main ingredient is Rice Bran Oil, I have to say that the product did wonders for the texture of my skin, and it worked amazingly well with the diminishing of scar tissue. The all organic ingredients are a welcome change to the chemical laden products on the market these days. Katie USA

  • I am so happy to have found a product that has NO nuts in the formulation. As a person who is chronically allergic to nuts I find it so hard to find something that is organic and nut free. Mulu Organics has done it and all products are vegan!! Thank you Mulu for thinking of us x Sharnie USA

  • Hilma Scar Serum and the Nourishing Breast Oil have made a really big difference to my breasts. I got a sample prior to my surgery and couldn't wait to try them both. I was one of the unlucky ones who got terrible red stretch marks all over my breasts. Using the oils has made them virtually disappear!! I am converted, natural all the way from now on. Jane UK

  • Personally I have to say I loved using the Hilma Scar Serum, it has made such a difference to my breast lift surgery scaring. I have used it for the past month and the redness is all gone and they are now just a shiny line. Tina UK

  • I had breast augmentation surgery a little over 3 months ago and I managed to be lucky enough to get a sample of Hilma Scar Serum to try on my incisions. I applied a drop or two of Hilma Scar Serum twice daily for the past 3 weeks and the redness and incision have healed amazingly so no more scars for me. Andrea AUS

  • Have been using Nourishing Breast Oil for several weeks following my breast surgery. It really DOES seem to be helping with the stretch marks and flaky skin associated with breast implant surgery. It is totally organic and has made my breast skin soft and healthy feeling. I will continue to use it. Emma NZ

  • I used the sample bottle of Hilma Scar Serum on my children's mosquito bite 'red bumps' on their arms and legs over summer, to begin with they were a dark red colour now you can't tell they were there!! Finally, a 100% natural treatment. Extremely happy mum. Louise AUS