Mulu Organics is 100% organic, vegan and nut free skincare. We use no fillers, nothing artificial or synthetic goes into Mulu Organics products. All our 100% organic products are formulated and NOT tested on animals before they go on sale. All our ingredients are chosen for their effectiveness, purity and high reputation.

How much does shipping cost?

$8.50 for all orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently Mulu Organics is not shipping internationally.

I haven’t received my order, how do I go about tracking?

Tracking is supplied after your order has been posted.

What is Hilma Scar Serum best used on?

Hilma Scar Serum can be used on all damaged skin and scars on any part of your body. It is also safe to use on infants and children.

What is a promotion code and how do I get one?

Promotion codes work the same way as online coupons. Mulu Organics customers that sign up for a free account will receive emails with new product information, special offers and promotions. If you would like to receive Mulu Organics emails, please sign up for a free account and you will be added to our mailing list.

Do Mulu Organics gift cards expire?

Yes, all gift cards must be redeemed within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Are gift cards redeemable for money?

No, sorry. Our gift vouchers are non refundable and non transferable.

How will I receive the gift card?

All gift cards are sent instantly upon purchase via email, the email contains instructions on how to redeem your voucher at checkout.

How soon after surgery can I use the products?

If you have had any type of surgery you can use Mulu Organics products as soon as you are cleared to do so by your surgeon.

Can the products be used on other areas of the skin besides my breasts?

Mulu Organics Hilma Scar Serum can be used on any scar anywhere on your body, it is safe for the whole family to use.

Mulu Nourishing Breast Oil is safe to be used on your breasts, décolletage, neck and face or any other part of your body that needs a little nourishing.

I’m pregnant! Are Mulu Organics products safe to use?

Mulu Organics  has been formulated with natural ingredients, our products are nut free so you can be sure  they are safe for everyone to use. Formulated to revive, replenish & hydrate even the most sensitive skin, perfect to use while pregnant.


Mulu Organics does not accept any refunds or exchanges on product purchased due to health regulations. If the product purchased is defective or you feel is not as advertised, please email us at hello@muluorganics.com.au prior to returning the products and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

In the event your goods have been damaged in transit, please email us at hello@muluorganics.com.au and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

What if my question isn’t addressed in your FAQ?

We warmly invite you to contact Mulu Organics via email at hello@muluorganics.com.au we are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to assist you.