The Mulu Organics Story

Based in Brisbane, Mulu Organics was founded by Australian mother-of-four Lynne Hayes. As the creator of CSXsocial, Cosmetic Surgery Support, Breast Implant Advice, Explant Info and a leading support expert in breast augmentation support, Lynne’s skills and expertise, combined with a compassionate, dedicated and virtuous work ethic, cemented her status as Australia’s go-to consultant for anyone considering cosmetic surgery procedures.

As such, Lynne is well-acquainted with the misleading nature of media hype and salesmanship tactics often employed in the beauty services industry. Having witnessed how far too many women struggle with the ill-effects of chemicals present in daily skin care products, Lynne recognised that the market was becoming less personable, and less in touch with the customers’ needs and well-being. She dreamed of helping women make more informed product choices through the development of her own all-organic, vegan and nut-free range – made with love, transparency and in-depth expert research. In early 2016, Lynne turned her passion into reality and left behind her lucrative position of Patient Care Coordinator in the field of aesthetic surgery to pursue Mulu Organics full-time.


Inspired by the harmony of self-love and the simplicity of nature’s precious goodness, Mulu Organics strives to establish the highest standard of purely organic, nut-free and vegan products. Further guided by the principles of passion, knowledge and responsibility, we are able to innovatively create effective yet indulgent beauty and wellness products.


Encapsulating Mulu Organics’ core values of quality and luxury, the current range consists of the exclusively manufactured Hilma Scar Serum (named after Lynne’s beloved late mother) and Nourishing Breast Oil. Crafted as all-natural alternatives to traditional products, they comprise only the highest quality of locally sourced botanical ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances – making them safe, gentle and healing for your body. Selected for their tested-and-proven regenerative properties, these plant-based essences imbue a host of hydration, scar healing and antioxidant benefits for radiance you can see, and feel.

Celebrating beauty at its finest, bestowed by nature’s best.

Welcome to the world of Mulu Organics.